Programme Structure

The programme consists of the following elements: 

1. A structured series of residentials and day events designed by the programme team and delivered alongside our team of skilled facilitators.

2. A reciprocal two-day leadership exchange carried out with the Fellows' learning partner.

3. A leadership project (‘change challenge’) of each Fellow's design and choosing.

4. Regular roundtable discussions and site visits exploring a wide range of important issues for all Fellows to attend. 

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Three residentials (3 days each) are in various locations in the UK. They include a mix of activities, expert keynote speakers, practical working sessions, space for reflection and provide the opportunity for the whole cohort to come together.


FIELD Visits

During each residential, we take Fellows on 'field visits’ to see workplaces and environments different from their own. Fellows meet front line staff and those leading them. Visits have been as diverse as the Big Issue North offices, an RHS garden, Urban Splash housing developments and Rochdale Falinge Estate.


Community dinners

During each residential, we organise dinners for groups of 6 Fellows to meet with interesting people working responsibly to empower the local community. Dinners have been held in people’s homes, community centres, churches, theatres, offices and curry houses!


Discovery sessions

We regularly host Discovery Sessions which last 90 minutes, allowing Fellows to engage with a wider range of topics than explored at residentials, in a smaller, more private setting. Past speakers included Jimmy Wales, Lord David Puttnam & Jan Gooding.


Change challenges

Throughout the programme Fellows identify and work on an important issue within their organisation that requires responsible leadership. Sometimes these are cross-organisational efforts. Examples include tackling food waste, improving mental health of employees, challenging sexual harassment in the workplace and improving diversity throughout organisations.


Discussion Groups 

Fellows are allocated to a ‘Discussion Group’ of approximately 12 Fellows from different organisations as a smaller forum to debate, discuss and share their experience of the programme. Each Discussion Group is led by a Facilitator who is an experienced coach.


Learning partners

Each Fellow is paired with another Fellow from a different industry or sector in order to enhance each other’s learning experience. Learning Partners do exercises together, carry out a Leadership Exchange and are part of the same Discussion Group.


Leadership Exchanges

A structured observation exercise which allows Fellows to experience the process of leadership in a different organisation, with their learning partner.


Learning materials

Fellows are given the opportunity to learn exercises and practices which they can trial using with their team to help them develop their responsible leadership. Relevant articles, reports and books are recommended throughout the programme.