Our Approach: Character, Company, Context

Systemic changes are placing significant pressures on leaders. But the way we develop our leaders has failed to evolve sufficiently.

Never has so much been invested in leadership development - and yet there's so little trust in large institutions.

We believe that responsible leadership is developed and decisions are made through a combination of our character, the company we keep, and the context we are in.

Rarely do leadership programmes ask us to examine our character and what we stand for.

Almost all ‘internal’ leadership programmes serve to reinforce groupthink, at best stifling innovation, at worst contributing to a breeding ground ripe for scandals. Internal leadership programmes struggle to expose leaders to meet people with very different perspectives and provide a space for genuine challenge and critical thought.

Most ‘external’ leadership programmes fail because they develop the individual in isolation, and not in their organisational context.

We aim to address these  Three dimensions:



The programme is explicitly an exploration of responsible, not just effective, leadership. 


We bring together leaders from different industries and types of organisations, from a variety of roles and departments. You can read more on the importance of external perspective, in a brief essay written by our Executive Director, Adam Grodecki, for the Financial Conduct Authority on 'Transforming Culture in Financial Services'


We select a small groups of leaders from each organisation (rather than individuals), work with the same organisations over a multi-year period and ensure the organisation is committed to the Fellowship with senior sponsorship and genuine support.

My whole perspective was shaped with a ‘Tesco lens’. My view of the world was centred on a Tesco culture...
It was all about Tesco.
I now feel uncomfortable that all the principles that I was guided by were so narrow. That I did not question more the ‘Tesco view’ and its context in the wider world.
— Nick Allen - Director of Safety, Security & Shrinkage; Tesco