Who Do We Work With?

The Fellowship is by invitation only. We look for partner organisations who are serious about their commitment to becoming more responsible organisations and are dedicated to improving and sharing the ways in which their future leaders are helping to tackle society’s challenges.

Serious exploration of responsibility, even when the conversations get tough is difficult and requires senior support. Each organisation we work with has a Senior Sponsor who is responsible for nominating candidates to apply for the programme.

We have a number of criteria that are used for selecting nominated candidates for the programme, which are listed below: 

Be successful

Candidates should be accomplished leaders with a clear track record of success and usually ~20 years of outstanding professional work experience. For large organisations they are typically one or two levels beneath the main Board.

Be high potential

Candidates should exhibit very clear senior leadership potential.

Have influence

We aim for practical results. So we look for individuals that have influence in their organisation (strategically and with their peers), have a strong internal network and are committed to putting new ideas into practice.

Be willing to come open and engaged

All candidates should be intellectually curious, open to new ideas and willing to engage with diverse points of view. They should be comfortable with a programme that requires self-direction and self-reflection.

Candidates must commit to attending all of the programme - at least 16 days over 18 months. 

Be committed

We aim to assemble our cohorts from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. We ask organisations to nominate candidates that reflect the diversity they aspire to in their future senior leadership team.

Bring diversity