What Are We Changing?

We encourage Fellows to look both at societal and organisational issues and tackle challenges with responsibility in mind. Our approach is both commercially rigorous and socially aware. The programme asks Fellows to seek broad impact, referencing personal as well as collective responsibility. 

Personal responsible leadership

Fellows are encouraged to apply the principles and practices to test out small everyday actions with colleagues to develop the culture of their team and improve how they ‘do the day job’. Namely, starting new conversations around responsible behaviour, mentoring others and sharing the insight they are gaining from being in the Fellowship.

Do-Document-Discuss is a process that is used on the programme and requires Fellows to record their observations, questions, plans and results from using the principles and practices in their teams.

When each Fellow joins the programme they are given a journal to record this information in. This aids reflection over time, uncovering assumptions and revealing deeper insights. It also enables sharing with the Discussion Group and others at cohort events.

Collective responsible leadership

We encourage Fellows to take on a ‘change challenge’ - this involves working with others to make a difference to an issue that is important to both the individual Fellow, their organisation AND society. Fellows and their organisations harness existing resources and those in the wider Fellowship to address these important and complex issues. Change challenges require consent and active participation of others.

The issue Fellows work on may be a challenge they’re already engaged with in their day job that requires fresh thinking. It could be a new focus; an opportunity not spotted or something the organisation has avoided dealing with. It’s unlikely to be “fixed” or finished with by the time they finish the programme, but Fellows are encouraged to make a real difference during the programme and beyond it. 

Successful Fellows take advantage of their time with other leaders from across the range of sectors and identify what can be done together.


The following issues are highlighted and explored during the programme. Depending on the nature of a Fellows' change challenge, some may fall into these categories. 

Technology & Ethics

As new and existing technologies throw up ethical dilemmas and simultaneously provide opportunities to do good, Fellows are encouraged to explore and enquire how technology is used responsibly in their organisation. 

Wellbeing & mental health

Given the growing concerns of our nation's mental health and the connection between organisational performance and the positive mental health a number of Fellows have focused on improving the mental health of employees in their organisation.


Fellows increasingly consider the extent to which their organisation is diverse, has gender equality, pay gaps and allows for opportunities for social mobility. 

Environmental suStainability

From food waste to renewable energy, Fellows consider the environmental sustainability of their organisations’ operations.