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The Forward Institute and Tesco have been working together since 2016 and twelve high potential Tesco employees are already Fellows.


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Cohort 2018:

  • Tom Mackintosh

    UK Commercial Strategy & Trade Director

  • Scott Fitzgerald

    Finance Director - Ireland

  • James Tamblyn

    Head of Europe - Dunnhumby

  • James Goodman

    People Director


Cohort 2017:

  • Jen McAleer

    Director – Group Own Brand

  • Jonathan Taylor

    Managing Director – Large Stores

  • Eve Henrikson

    Director – Online Customer Revenue & Trading


Cohort 2016:

  • Richard Copperthwaite

    Chief Information Officer – International & Group Infrastructure

  • Nick Allen

    Retail Director – Large Stores (North & Northern Ireland)

Whilst I take great pride in being a “Tesco Lifer” it was so personally rewarding and refreshing to meet and build a network that could discuss the challenges and requirements of leadership in the future; that broadened my perspective, and challenged my beliefs.
— Nick Allen - Retail Director - Large Stores (North & Northern Ireland)





  • Financial wellbeing through stability – 10.45% wage increase & pay roll security as Tesco employees were previously one of the top users of pay day loans.

  • Dramatic food waste reduction (Fellow building on the brilliant existing Tesco work) – 85% of surplus food which is fit for human consumption now reused or recycled.

  • Working with Crisis to better understand how to help the homeless who sleep outside Tesco stores.

  • Sustainability & Health scores for products to aid decision making within the Tesco procurement team & to help the wider climate change agenda.

  • Discounts for on duty police men and women. Increased sense of security for Tesco store staff with a police car parked outside.

  • Using experience and expertise to become industry leaders in the responsible use of technology and data. Currently supporting the Metropolitan Police and Barclays.





Removal of all single-use knives from majority of stores to tackle knife crime

  • Collaboration with the Violent Crime Task Force of the Metropolitan police to remove all single use knives from majority of stores.

  • Those that remain to be behind locked cases.

  • Cross cohort collaboration to discuss the issue and to come to a well thought through but prompt decision.

The use of owned land for wellbeing

  • Tesco and the British Army have a huge combined footprint of land in the UK.

  • They have therefore teamed up to look at their spaces and where there is opportunity for their employees to be able to enjoy the spaces as part of a wellbeing agenda - (work in progress)

The Forward Institute has given me, and therefore indirectly Tesco, three main benefits:
Firstly, the power of the extended network. I no longer just look to my boss or mentor at Tesco for a perspective on an issue. I have 70 experts (and friends) in public, private and social sector that I can call on for advice or support.
Secondly, a recognition of the role Tesco can play in society in the UK and the realisation that this is a necessity for long term sustainability of the business, not just a selfless act for brand perception.

Finally, a perspective or external view on Tesco from many different angles. This was really tough to hear at times (especially as someone who has never worked elsewhere) but ultimately very helpful. Useful context as a leader within the business, and also to build content for our corporate communication day.
— Tom Mackintosh - UK Commercial Strategy & Trade Director


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