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Sheepdrove Residential Logistics Information

15th May - 17th May, 2019

We look forward to seeing you for our second residential together.


  1. Change challenge area - please fill out the exercise question immediately below.

  2. Please check the logistics information below and plan your travel arrangements.

  3. Please check you’ve organised your hotel and have provided card details.


What's your sick fish? Please tell us what area you are exploring by Friday 26th April. This will be put on the wall (like the image above) for all to see what help and advice you can offer each other. 

DINNER Choice:


The opportunity to select dinner options on Wednesday evening has now ended. We’ll let you know where you will be having dinner on Wednesday during the residential. If you have any queries please email [email protected]

Dates & Timings

Start: Wednesday 15th May @ 11:00am

Please arrive at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre. Arrangements for checking into your hotel have been made for the end of the day.

Refreshments will be available from 11:00am. We will start at 11:20am.

Finish: Friday 17th May @ 3:00pm



We will be based at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre:

Sheepdrove Rd, Lambourn, Hungerford RG17 7UU



Due to the remote nature of the venue, you have all been split across four hotels and have been contacted directly regarding this. If you have any questions, please email them directly to: [email protected]

THE BEAR - 41 Charnham St, Hungerford RG17 0EL

THE PHEASANT - Ermin St, Shefford Woodlands, Hungerford RG17 7AA

DONNINGTON VALLEY - Old Oxford Rd, Donnington, Newbury RG14 3AG

THE QUEEN’S ARMS - Newbury Road, East Garston, Hungerford RG17 7ET

Check-In: Wednesday evening

We have built time into the agenda for you to check in at the end of Wednesday (the first day). Therefore, please come directly to Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre in the morning and we will store your bags until you leave to go to the hotel.

If you will be arriving earlier than the 15th (we already know about Twelve Plus One Discussion Group), please email [email protected] to let us know.



Please see below for suggested trains to and from London. A coach will run to the venue from Hungerford train station on Wednesday and from the venue to Hungerford station on Friday.

Wednesday 15th May

London Paddington – Hungerford

9:06am > 10:12am

For those not travelling from London, the coach will be leaving Hungerford station at 10:20am and there’s plenty of space!

Friday 17th May

Hungerford – London Paddington

3:39pm > 4:52pm


For those driving, there is ample parking in the venue.

As we will be discussing sustainability, we would urge you to reduce our collective carbon footprint and take the train if at all possible. However, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we ask that you drive directly to the venue on the Wednesday morning and use our hotel transfers whilst with us, leaving by car finally on the Friday.


At the first residential we looked at our organisations through multiple lenses. At the second one we will explore sustainability of people and planet; and the extractive versus the generative mindset. Skills sessions will focus on Systemcraft, coaching and brave conversations. 

We hope you’ll leave with:

  • Broader perspectives on the ways in which an extractive mindset damages people and planet; and the potential of reimagining this approach.

  • Increased clarity on the next steps for your Change Challenge; having received help and advice from other Fellows.

  • The resolve (and some new skills) to have the brave conversations that are required with colleagues and others.

  • A deeper commitment to your Discussion Group and the Fellowship; and excitement about your collective power to change your organisation and the world for the better.

Dress code

This is an informal event and there is therefore no dress code for any of the events during the residential.

What to bring

  1. Your journal

  2. Warm clothes as you will be walking outside

  3. An umbrella