Our principles are a working hypothesis that responsible leaders value diversity, care more, think for the long-term, are honest and are brave. 


A responsible leader:

Cares More

Values Diversity


Actively seeks diverse and divergent thinking. They think beyond organisational boundaries and take a broader world view when making decisions. They seek collaborators different from themselves.

CARES MORE202x202.png

Recognises the inherent value of human beings. They respect the rights and responsibilities of others, acting and treating them fairly. They set a strong example by taking care of themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

Is Honest

Thinks for the long-term


Takes decisions in the best long-term interest of their organisation and society. They are clear about what their own and their organisation's purpose is, and the value of both to others. They are a good steward of the planet's resources.


Admits to difficult truths. They are willing to have difficult conversations and admit to their own mistakes as well as standing up for their beliefs - cultivating a culture of candour for others.

Is brave


Is open to challenging others & being challenged. They are willing to take action; walks towards problems and don’t try to bury them. They value creativity, allow uncertainty and accept that mistakes happen.