Pay and Promotion Policy

1.Policy Intent

Our pay and promotion policy is intended to fit with the working environment we want to create: a strong, responsible culture where we treat our team fairly and empower them to make decisions that work best for themselves and the organisation. We are a small team; individuals take responsibility and initiative for their area of work but we also support each other to ensure that collectively we are running the best organisation we can be. This policy is designed to ensure:

  • We attract and retain the best team

  • We reward people fairly for the responsibilities of individual roles and the success of the organisation

  • In achieving our purpose we aim to be generous whilst being responsible stewards of our resources.

This Policy applies to all employees. It aims to be fair and provide equality of opportunity. We aim to offer very competitive pay and benefits within the non-profit sector given our size in order to retain and attract the highest quality employees. We reserve the right to amend the policy at any time in order to better meet business and employee needs. Such amendments will be made in consultation with employees.

2.    Organisational Structure

We use a job levelling system to consistently and fairly assess grades for all jobs. Jobs are levelled according to responsibility, accountability, strategic scope and management of others.

2.1.  Job Grades

There are 5 job grades within the organisation. The job grade of a role is determined by the level of responsibility of the role.

Team members may increase their responsibilities within a grade through responsibility increments (see later) or potentially through a more senior title (eg. Manager to Senior Manager). However, they would remain within their current grade until the responsibilities of the role warrant a move upwards.

Grade Titles

  1. CEO