Performance Review Policy

1.   Policy Intent

The Forward Institute is committed to supporting each member of the team to reach their full potential, and achieve their personal career goals, which will contribute towards the company’s goals as a whole. This Performance Review Policy describes how we aim to support, evaluate and reward you through constructive feedback and open communication between you and your line manager.

The Performance Review is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on your development, demonstrate your achievements and discuss how you would like your role to progress.

Our performance management practices will:

  • Ensure that you understand your job responsibilities and have specific goals to meet.

  • Provide you with practical and timely feedback.

  • Invest in development opportunities that will help you to grow professionally.

  • Recognise your hard work. 

  • Help to recognise when you are struggling with a particular area of your role and develop a plan to overcome this.

2.   Process

We conduct bi-annual performance reviews that take place at the end of February (our financial year end) and October. Prior to these reviews, you will fill out the first section of the performance review form and your line-manager will complete the second part. You will then discuss the third section regarding your objectives and development going forward. Through these discussions, managers aim to recognise areas where you have excelled in your role, talk about your career moves and motivations, and identify areas of improvement.

3.   Rewards

Pay reviews occur on an annual basis in February, in line with the Pay and Promotion Policy.  

4.   Training and Development

Although training and development opportunities should be discussed regularly during weekly catch ups, your performance reviews are chance to discuss specific areas that you would like to improve and potential training opportunities or courses that you would like to take.

Managers are encouraged to discuss future career moves with you, so that they can determine what type of training is appropriate. This training may involve on the job training, job shadowing or external courses.

5.   Frequent Communication

In addition to the bi-annual reviews, you should meet with your line-manager regularly to receive feedback and discuss your work and motivations. This is to ensure that you will receive feedback regularly and avoid surprises during your bi-annual performance review. During these meetings, you are encouraged to discuss any concerns that you have. However, if you need to talk to your manager about a particular issue, you are encouraged to reach out as soon as possible.

6.   New Starters

All new team members will have a three-month probation period upon joining the Forward Institute. At the end of this three-month period, you will have a probation review at which you will either become a permanent member of the team, will have your probation extended, or in extreme circumstances, will have your contract terminated. The reasons for any decisions will be discussed with you. If your place on the team is confirmed, you and your line manager will set out objectives for the next twelve-month period and may discuss your training needs in relation to your role. If the annual review period falls during your probation, the annual review process will not apply to you.