Cohort 2017 Activity Archive

3rd - 5th October 2019
Residential 3: Sandhurst Royal Military Academy

We came together to explore what we could collectively learn about tackling dilemmas. The following resources are available from the Sandhurst Residential.

General Urch's 10 books and 10 ideas

Systemcraft summary

Buurtzorg presentation slides
July 2018
Summer reflections

You wrote and submitted summer reflections for the cohort to read during the Sandhurst residential on "How do I practice leadership differently now?"

Summer reflections
August 2018
Summer reading list

We shared a summer reading list with you that you can access below.

Summer reading list

21st June 2018
Cohort Day
We met at the Blackwall Reach Community Centre after various sessions out and about in London, ending the day at Barclays in Canary Wharf with a keynote from Liam Black and a poem from Inua Ellams.

Liam Black - Leadership in Reality

About Inua Ellams

Blackwall Reach Community Centre
25th - 27th April 2018
Residential 2: Wellcome Genome Campus

We came together to embrace a spirit of experimentation and consider how networks, friendships and a concern for wellbeing can sustain responsible leadership.

Deepening public engagement on the new dilemmas posed by artificial intelligence - RSA

Getting Culture out of your system - HSBC

Experimentation & Failure - Becky Rea

British Antarctic Survey
31st January - 2nd February
Residential 1: Salford

During our first residential together we covered a number of exercises including Life Stories and Wilful Blindness, both of these can be found in the toolkit. Information from other sessions can be found below:

Matthew Taylor's slides

Matthew Taylor's Theory of Powers

How to organise a Community Dinner

Wilful Blindness Exercise

Life Stories

November 2017
Launch Day

The day we embarked on the Forward Institute Fellowship programme together. Materials and exercises covered on the day as follows:

Finding Meaning

Do, Document, Discuss


The Changing World - Ed Gillespie