Cohort 2017

Now that you have completed the programme, this page will not be updated regularly.

Please see the Fellowship page for news and what is happening in the Fellowship, as well as for our latest resources.

What's happening

Next up
3rd July 2019
Fellowship Forum
On July 3rd, we are hosting the Fellowship Forum, a day event that will bring everyone from the Fellowship together. Learn from stories of progress, success and failure, strengthen the skills you’ve already deepened and build cross-cohort relationships. The night before, on the 2nd July we have fun and stimulating evening activities on offer for everyone to join. Find out more on the ticket page.

Autumn 2019
Connections Events
We are launching a new series of events called Connections Events, designed to enable Fellows from across different cohorts to connect around important isssues. We will share more about these in due course on the Fellowship page.

27th November 2019
Annual Fellowship Drinks
On the 27th November this year we will welcome our fifth Cohort (Cohort 2019) into the Fellowship. At the end of launch day, as is now customary within the Institute, we invite all Fellows to meet and welcome the new Fellows into the Fellowship. Please do join us, we would love to see you there. Details to be shared closer to the time.


Previous activity

1st May 2019
Cohort Relaunch Day
We were delighted to complete the programme with you on 1st May at Wellcome. Below are some photos from the day and information about the organisatons and young people who attended. If you have any enquiries about anything from the day please get in touch.

Hello, World!

April 2019
Your reflections on what you have learnt
As reflection is a core practice on the programme we asked that you submit a final reflection on one of the following: What you've learnt about the impact of practices; what you've learned about change or what you have learned from each other.


Through our use of Creative Commons licensing agreement you can use all exercises and materials from the programme with teams and colleagues to develop and share good practice. Materials from the programme are free of charge, but you must acknowledge the Forward Institute as the source and tell us if you improve or adapt any of the materials and processes.

Experiment with the toolkit

We encourage you to use this toolkit of exercises which were covered on the programme. These have been written in such a way that you will be able to use them with your team. Please let us know any feedback or questions you may have.