Reflecting in the sunshine

Ruth proving Charterhouse benches are as good a place as any to work

Ruth proving Charterhouse benches are as good a place as any to work

We’re big advocates of taking time to reflect, even on the busiest of days. It can help you get perspective and make clearer decisions. Even better if you can leave your desk, board table or screen and get outside. Luckily for me, the wifi just about stretches to the benches outside Charterhouse Square office...


So I decided to take a break from reading application forms for Cohort 2018, to read the summer reflections from Fellows on the current programme. We asked them to think about what had changed for them since they wrote their applications a year ago. 


Some things jumped out: “It’s now clear to me that things need to change not just for my organisation but the profession itself” said one. “A break-through was understanding my most limiting factor isn’t lack of time or capacity but energy", said another. “Being able to ask important questions, discuss and reflect without fear or judgement or reprisal is novel enough. To have programmed time to do it is a revelation.” 

One woman had advice for colleagues about to join the programme: 

“The Forward Institute has given us a backstage pass into other people’s worlds - as well as the motivation to question our own. Use it! - I intend to.”
— Fellow from Cohort 2017


I wonder what the next 12 months will hold for the new Fellows?