We're an accredited B Corporation

We are excited to share news that the Forward Institute has become a B Corp, joining a rapidly growing global movement of companies who are doing business responsibly.

By becoming a B Corp, we have joined 2,500 other B Corp certified companies globally. Companies such as Innocent Drinks, Ben & Jerry's and Patagonia are all B Corps, along with smaller social enterprises like Divine Chocolate and Toast Ale.

All B Corps share a purpose - to harness the power of business for good.

As an organisation that seeks to spread responsible leadership practices, becoming B Corp allows us to demonstrate that we are acting responsibly ourselves. Accreditations such as B Corp play a key role in demonstrating responsible behaviour to the outside world and keeping our standards high, it should be noted however, that operating responsibly is not solely about accreditations.

To become certified, we were assessed by an independent body, and had to meet specific standards of social and environmental performance, including our impact on our employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. 

The assessment is a publicly available measure of our performance - you can see our score here.

It was great to pass the assessment first time, and in addition, it has given us a benchmark that we can use to continue to find ways to improve our operations as a business.

We look forward to learning from other B Corps in the community and contributing what we are learning as we ensure our policies are progressive.

The B Corp accreditation lasts for two years so in the meantime we are investigating ways to improve our operations (and therefore our score…) in time for our next assessment.

To find out more about the B Corp movement, the link to their website can be found here.