Expenses/ payments procedures

Personal expenses:

  •  Submit your expenses using the Xero App (how to best categorise is detailed below)

  •  Please try to submit expenses as soon as possible, but as a minimum please submit each quarters’ expenses within 10 days of the end of the quarter for VAT purposes

  • Always get VAT receipts as we lose a lot of money from non- reclaimed VAT.

  • To make Adam’s life easier for repaying you, please group as many expenses together as possible but only those that are from WITHIN THE SAME MONTH. In order to do this, when you submit an expense on the Xero app, instead of submitting it, press ‘save draft’ on each item and then go onto the Xero website and submit them as one expense

  • Car use should be charged at 4

Credit card expenses:

  • Credit card limits are Adam £6k and Liz £4k

  • Please submit your CC receipts/ invoices as soon as they have been paid to [email protected] and please write on these receipts ‘paid by CC’ which will reduce the chance of us paying it twice as unfortunately Xero does not differentiate between what has been paid on Credit card and what needs to be paid directly from the account!

  • As per personal expenses, please always get VAT receipts

Other bills to be paid directly from account:

  •  Submit all invoices to [email protected] as soon as they are received

  • If they are urgent to be paid, please let me know and I will ask Kamran to load it manually so that Adam and I can go through our approval and payment processes as soon as possible

Categorising expenses on xero:


  • Classify related to the Cohort that the expense is for or that we are currently in. If we are during the phase of overlapping Cohorts and if an item is not for a specific Cohort (eg. Office stationery), during the first half, classify as the former Cohort, and the second half as the latter. eg. This year please categorise all non specific items in September and October as Cohort 1 and those in November and December as Cohort 2 (I will confirm the relevant dates for future years)


  • Events: please put all event related costs under that individual event category (or ‘other events’ if it doesn’t have its own category and please date the payment at the date of the event even if the payment was made at a different time. Except…

  • Travel: please categorise all travel under travel, either ‘event related’ or ‘non event related’ and at the date of the event

  • Phone: Please categorise phone bills under ICT

  • Entertainment: If coffees/ lunches etc were for staff only (does not include contractors), categorise under ‘entertainment- staff’, if it was for anyone else, under ‘entertainment- business’. If it was for a mix eg. 5 staff and 5 facilitators then please mark under ‘entertainment business’ but please make a note on the receipt as to how many staff were there and how many others so I can claim back the VAT for the staff element

Don’t worry too much about these categories, I go through them so can adjust anything necessary