Exchange Programme




What is the exchange programme?

A 6-month experiential learning experience for experienced leaders.

In our current political, economic and social context, dilemmas and contradictory pressures are in abundance. It is crucial that leaders have the time to stop and reflect; seek external challenge; and find in themselves the responsible leadership that is needed in the world.

Rooted in tried and tested research developed by Professor Jonathan Gosling and Exeter University’s Centre for Leadership Studies, the methodology behind the Exchange programme is highly regarded in the field of academic study into leadership.

A Leadership Exchange gives you the chance to observe what is actually happening in another organisation, how it is being led, how people are responding to the leadership, what the blind spots are.

With this insight and perspective, you are able to reflect on what is really going on in your own organisation and with your own leadership.
— Professor Jonathan Gosling


2 two-day exchanges

Exchange participants will observe another leader in their workplace, then be observed
by that leader in their own workplace. This process is then repeated with another person in another organisation.

3 days of facilitated workshops

Founding Faculty Professor Jonathan Gosling provides the academic background on the leadership exchange and guidance on how to get the most out of it. Workshops run by world class facilitators ensure participants gain collective learning from the group, as well as individually.

1 community

On graduating, all participants become Fellows of the Forward Institute Fellowship and gain access to Institute resources and the Fellowship community.

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Cross sectoral

We bring together organisations from the public, private and social sector, with pairings explicitly intended to bring together those who wouldn’t usually cross paths.

Each cycle of exchanges will have 36 Fellows from 10 different organisations. This Cohort will then be broken down into smaller learning groups of 12.

I found the opportunity to experience business life in a completely different type of organisation both energising and highly relevant. I took personal learnings from hosting as well as observing. I realised that I have the ability to significantly influence those around me.
— Andy Cox - Head of Energy UK, KPMG

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Experiencing the power of being able to objectively observe and notice what was happening around me was of huge value. Being in an organisation so different from my own and feeling very much out of my comfort zone was fascinating. I found it to be an eye opening and often humbling experience.
— Emma Knowler - Head of Talent & Organisation Development, easyJet