Policy for team attendance at residentials

1. Policy intent

Until now, all team members have attended all Forward Institute events. Some team members are essential to all events and should continue to attend all events; this policy does not apply to them. However, as the team has grown, the requirement for other team members to support the running of these events has diminished, meaning that attending all events is not always the best use of time. However, it remains important for everyone to be exposed to what we do, to continue to learn about responsible leadership, and to get to know the Fellows.  

2. Launch, cohort day and forum

Everyone should continue to attend each launch, cohort day and forum. Not only will this be a good opportunity to connect with Fellows and keep in touch with the programme, you will also be needed as support for these events.

3. Residentials

We would like you to attend each residential during your first year of working at the Forward Institute. This will allow you to gain a full understanding of the programme and become aligned with the company’s purpose.

In order to keep in touch with the programme content and Fellows, once you have completed a full set of residentials, you should attend a minimum of 3 days of residentials per year, which can either be in the form of one whole residential or three days spread across the three residentials. However, you may continue to attend more than three days, or all residentials should you wish to, with agreement from your line manager. Each day attended should include an evening where appropriate, as it is often during the evening that the team develop relationships with fellows.

You should wish to attend these days in order to maintain deep connections with the Fellows and content of the programmes. Therefore, when you are in attendance, you should attend all of the plenary and speaker sessions (except where these are in discussion groups). You may also be asked to help with the running of the event if extra support is required.

 3.1.Residential attendance form

The residential attendance form will be sent to all team members at the start of each new Cohort. If attending only three days, please select your top five preferences of days you wish to attend. Wherever possible, we will allow you to attend your top three, but this will avoid every team member choosing the same days/residentials.

Once you have submitted your residential attendance form, your decisions shouldn’t be altered unless there are mitigating circumstances. However, as speakers will be known four months prior to each residential, you may request to attend additional days in order to listen to specific speakers should you wish. This request must be made at least two months before the residential to allow enough time to organise travel and/or accommodation.