Forward Institute Corporate Partnerships Policy

We are, in general, open to organisations from all sectors joining the Fellowship programme if they are enrolling with the genuine desire to support their organisation in becoming more responsible and purposeful. They must also be prepared to give their Fellows the capability to develop as a responsible leader with a vision of a fair and prosperous future who can work out what that means for their organisations and act on it.


There will, however, be some organisations whose purpose is fundamentally irresponsible and our programme will have limited ability to change this (eg. tobacco companies and most gambling companies). However, we wish to be fair and respect the diversity that all sectors can bring and therefore do not wish to implement a blanket ban on any sectors. We also appreciate that some organisations in fundamentally responsible sectors could have unchangeable irresponsible practises.


Our Corporate partnerships policy is therefore to consider each organisation on an individual basis and we will reject those with irresponsible practises that are unable to be changed without changing the fundamentals of that organisation. We will also reject organisations who appear to be joining for reasons other than the genuine desire to become more responsible and purposeful.