Cohort Day 2018 Resources

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SUmmer reflections

In July we’d like you to write a reflection of up to 500 words, on:

“How do I practice leadership differently now?”

Have your views on responsible leadership evolved, become more nuanced or more deeply informed over the last year? Have any new dilemmas emerged for you? Do you feel different as a leader? And what do you do differently?

Please submit your reflection by 31st July to: [email protected]


Summer reading

We've put together a reading list for you to dip into this summer. 


Final 6 months 

On the Cohort Day we shared an updated briefing on what you need to be doing in your final 6 months of the programme. You can download from the button below. 

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Liam Black

You can access Liam's slides below. 

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Community CentrE

You can find out more about the venue we were at - Blackwall Reach Community Centre below.