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Welcome to the Fellowship programme! Please scroll down to see what you need to do now and in the near future. We will email you with key actions but please check this page periodically to see what you need to do.

What's happening

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You're now in Phase 1 of the programme. During this phase we will be asking you to acknowlegdge your power and responsibilities and to listen carefully to what those around you think about leadership in your organisation.

Next up
Enrol yourself

We need you to fill out your enrolment information as soon as possible so that we can officially accept you onto the programme. We need this information for many reasons including to populate the Fellowship app so that the rest of the Fellowship can meet you and so that you can meet them (virtually at first!). More on the app will be revealed in the coming months (depending on how quickly you enrol yourself...).

It will take you less than 10 minutes. Have a short biography (in the first person) and a colour headshot to hand.

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Carry out your stakeholder survey
October & November

Your first piece of work on the Fellowship programme is to carry out a stakeholder survey. We ask you to do this in order to get a sense of what people in your organisation think about responsible leadership. You will use this as a resource on the programme. We ask that you send it to at least 50 people in your organisation. We will provide you with more details and a link to the survey soon.

Make a video
by 1st November

Each year we ask Fellows from each participating organisation to make a video, introducing yourselves as a group, your organisation and the big question you want to explore on the Fellowship programme. Your video should be no more than 90 seconds maximum. Doing something homespun and/or bespoke is favoured. Please don't use your corporate video. Examples that went down well can be found below.

The video is shown on the launch day to everyone on the 2019 Fellowship programme, so we have a strict time limit of 90 seconds so that all organisations and Fellows can be included.

Please work with the other Fellows in your organisation in your cohort and ensure you send us your video no later than 1st November.

Submit your video using We Transfer, in the 'Email to' field please send to: [email protected]

Email Alex if you have any questions
Read your handbook
Before the Launch Day

In early September you will be posted your handbook for the Fellowship programme, along with a letter officially welcoming you into the Fellowship. These will provide you with an idea of what will happen on the programme and our hopes and expectations for you. Please keep an eye out for it.


Previous activity

Programme activity
No previous activity to report yet!

We will add information relating to the latest events here so you can easily find what you're looking for afterwards.



Programme resources
Launch resources

We will add resources from the Launch Day and residentials to this section as the programme unfolds.