Building and Data Security Policy

1. Policy Intent

At the Forward Institute we want to provide a safe office environment, with a reasonable level of protection for you, your belongings and those of the organisation. The purpose of this policy is to identify potential security risks and explain the actions that you can take to minimise risks to yourself, the office and our data.

2. Building Security

In order to prevent unwanted guests from entering the office, the office must be locked when no members of the team are present. Each member of the Forward Institute team has a set of three keys, two of which are for the front door of the building and one for our office door.

2.1 Leaving the building at night

If you are the last person to leave at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to secure the office. All windows must be closed, locked and the blinds must be closed, all lights must be turned off and the office door must be locked. From an environmental perspective, it is important to ensure that all electronic devices are unplugged or turned off at the wall at the end of the day. If you are the last person to leave the building, you must double lock the front door (first shouting upstairs to ensure that no one is locked inside the building). If you are uncomfortable being in the building alone or locking up at night, please leave with the last person in the office.


2.2 During working hours

If the office is left unattended during working hours, the office door must be locked regardless of whether or not you will be returning back to the office.


3.  Security of company equipment

When leaving the office each night, unless you are taking your laptop home with you, you must lock it inside a pedestal, located underneath our desks. All papers must be locked in pedestals with the keys stored in a secure location. Any petty cash should also be kept in a locked pedestal. Company equipment such as laptops and projectors should not be left unattended in the Board Room, Club Room or the FI office.


If you are taking your laptop home with you at night, please treat it as your own and be careful not to leave it unattended.


3.1 Personal possessions

Personal possessions are the responsibility of the individual and if you bring an item of value into the office you must ensure that it is properly stored in a safe place. The Forward Institute is not responsible for personal possessions that go missing. Any thefts or losses should be reported immediately to the Team Administrator (Alex Stokell).


4.  Visitors

Members of the public visiting the office should be greeted and accompanied to their meeting room by someone in the team. You are welcome to invite family or friends to the office; however, you are reminded that this is a place of work rather than a place to socialise.


You should not allow anyone that you are unfamiliar with to access the building without first determining who they are. If you answer the door to someone visiting another organisation in the building, ask them to wait in the lobby and call to the relevant individual. If you do encounter someone in the building whom you do not recognise, you should try to establish their reason for being here and if they fail to adequately respond you should suggest that they leave and get support from the team if necessary. Failing this, contact the police if required. However, please note that your own personal safety comes first, and you must never put yourself in danger.


5. Data Security

As a team it is important that we take the security of our laptops seriously, given how much customer data we have stored on them and on the google drive. Therefore, all team members must ensure that they complete the following security steps.

 Please ensure your laptops are backing up on a regular basis

To check please go to the time machine icon top right (the one that looks like a clock) and ensure that it has recently backed up. In order to back up you must be on the Wi-Fi network Grasswick 5. If the time machine icon doesn't show in the top right, please go to system preferences, time machine, and then tick on the box saying, 'show time machine in menu bar'.

In the event that your laptop is stolen/ lost, please immediately follow these instructions:

>      Go to the 'Find my iPhone' app on your phone

>      Select your MacBook air, 

>      Select 'actions' and then 'erase mac' (obviously don't try this last stage now!). This will erase your mac as soon as it is connected to a network to ensure that no one can access any data on it. This is why it is important that your laptop is connected to the time machine so by doing this you won't lose any data. 


Please change the password on your laptop every six months. Alex S will send a reminder around.

>      Go to System Preferences, then click Users & Groups.

>      Click Change Password.

>      Enter your current password in the Old Password field and your new password in the New Password field, then enter it again in the Verify field. Mills recommends using DICE passwords: 

>      Enter a hint to help you remember the password if you want to. The hint appears if you enter the wrong password three consecutive times, or if you click the question mark in the password field in the login window.

>      Click Change Password.

>      Going forward, we will ask that you do this every six months. I will put this in everyone's diaries and also send around reminders.


Please change the password on your google account every six months. Alex S will send a reminder around. If you have Gmail on your phone, this will update the password on your phone email too.

>      From Gmail, go to your google account (top right)

>      Under 'sign in and security' select 'signing into google'

>      Press the arrow beside 'password'

>      Enter your current password

>      Enter a new password and verify. This should be different to your laptop password.

>      Press 'change password'

>      Going forward, we will ask that you do this every six months