Adam Grodecki - Founder & Executive Director; Forward Institute

Adam Grodecki - Founder & Executive Director; Forward Institute

how we started

The Forward Institute was set up to build and support a movement for responsible leadership within and across organisations. We believe that to thrive organisations must be outward looking, responsive and responsible.

We were set up in 2014 by a cross-sector group of organisations, with the support of The Boston Consulting Group, in response to growing concern about the deficit of public trust in large and significant institutions.

Our flagship Fellowship programme brings together the next generation of senior leaders from across the private, public and social sector to collectively explore the principles of responsible leadership and the challenges facing business and society today.

We are a non-profit and form part of a broader movement towards a fairer and more responsible society. We are funded by our partner organisations.

Our Partner organisations

We work with a diverse group of large organisations from the private, public and social sectors. These institutions have enormous clout and potential to shape the world for the better. Between them they have a combined workforce of 3 million people and a turnover of £650 billion.

Most problems cannot be solved by a single person, but require a coordinated movement over time. So we focus on organisations, rather than just individuals, and partner with them on a long-term basis.

Our partners range from the UK Government, Bank of England and the British Army to Tesco, Barclays, IHG, Fidelity, easyJet, Cancer Research and Save the Children. 

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Our Fellowship programme

Each year we work with our partner organisations to select a cohort of 70 leaders to join our 18-month Fellowship programme.

Our Fellowship programme helps the next generation of senior leaders to broaden their perspectives, explore their values and hone their leadership. We challenge and support them to place responsibility at the heart of the organisation and in doing so, think about their role, and that of the organisations they steward, afresh.



We are always evolving our approach to responsibility within the Institute itself, improving the way we do things. We strive to live by the principles & practices of responsible leadership that we teach, acknowledging that there is always more we can do.

In 2018, we became part of a growing community of businesses that are certified ‘B Corporations’ - businesses who have chosen to balance purpose and profit. Each B Corp is scored when they are accredited. You can see our score here and read more about B Corps here.

For the Institute, being B Corp certified means we uphold ourselves to the highest standards across social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

We are also officially accredited as a London Living Wage Employer.