Our focus is on long-term, organisational impact. 


The Forward Institute was set up by a small group of major organisations to help the next generation of leaders meet the complex challenges facing business and society. 

We work with 25 significant organisations from the public, private and social sectors to select a diverse cohort of 70 accomplished leaders each year, to join our 18-month Fellowship programme. 

Our focus is on institutional, not just individual, impact.

We believe that if we can create more sustainable, open and fair organisations, we will all win.


“Leaders at all levels face an array of complex questions in a world that seems to be ever more complicated. It helps hugely to have friends to debate, support and challenge on the journey.”
— Sir Anthony Salz, Chairman; Forward Institute



We bring together senior leaders and their organisations from the public, private and social sectors to tackle societal issues with collective force.

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Systemic changes are placing new and significant pressures on leaders.

However, the way we develop our leaders has failed to evolve to match this.

Never has so much been invested in leadership development - and yet there's so little trust in large institutions.

A new approach is needed if we are all to succeed.