DAY 2017

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We’re working with the UK Values Alliance and the RSA to promote World Values Day on 19th October 2017.

This year World Values Day is exploring the ‘values gap’ – the difference between stated and enacted values.

People across organisations large and small, schools, universities and communities will be thinking carefully about their values. Everyone will be asked to set aside an hour to discuss a given value and how that value can be better enacted.

We encourage our partner organisations to undertake the 1-hour exercise with employees and in doing so, assess how they can close the gap between the values their organisation aspires to and the actions its people take.

We’ve designed a series of materials that anyone can use to help them do this. The WVD Materials – Notes and Agenda helps you plan the session, the WVD Materials – Presentation guides you through the session itself and WVD Materials – Values Star can be used during the session to help rank and assess ideas around better enacting values.

Read more about World Values Day on this blog post.